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"With Boucher Home, improvement is always in progress."

Inviting Boucher Home onto your project brings more than a team of industry specialist. We bring professionals who are dedicated to continuous personal improvement. We strive to surpass expectations and provide the best service in the business. We do that by evaluating every day, job, and opportunity that we can to make your experience with us the absolute best.

Kenneth H. Boucher



Ken Boucher has worked in the construction industry since 1985. Establishing Boucher Services in 1999, Ken has developed strong relationships with his customers and employees. Leading family and business with honesty, Ken has been a trusted resource for many home improvement needs. His network of experienced service personnel is committed to the highest quality of work.  

Benjamin J. Boucher



Specializing in business and design, Ben has furthered the trusted Boucher name. Setting the culture and standards, he has brought structure into markets which customers are thankful for. "When customers ask you to provide services you are yet to specialize in then you know you are providing that quality service they crave." Committing to quality, Ben leads in industry standards and customer satisfaction. 

Florida Sunbiz Doc# L17000130054

Volusia #201709220003

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